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Fun & Learning

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Is a fun and healthy way to exercise muscles and stay limber.  However, for our teens and adults in wheelchairs, our local YMCA wasn't equipped to meet their needs for changing before and after swim. We were able to advocate and have the YMCA install an adult changing table.   

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​Events and Socials:  We partnered with churches, businesses, libraries, and different groups to host potlucks, picnics, a dance, educational fun (service/therapy dogs), and more.  Currently, we are doing a socially distanced Valentine's Day card exchange.



We host outing to Sunshine Lanes.  We have – through a generous donation from WBFA and in conjunction with the local Civitans – purchased adaptive bowling equipment for anyone who needs it to use, ask at the front desk.  

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Community Service

​Community Service, Resources, and Education:  We share resources and information from special needs bicycles to refurbished technology/social services to governmental programs.  We work to meet needs by providing food baskets, Christmas gifts, and as Covid hit, our seamstresses and transportation crew delivered over 2,000 masks.


BLAST Baseball

2022 was the inaugural year for BLAST Baseball.  Players of all abilities are welcome on a team rooted in fun. What makes it even more special are all the community members who come and join in from concessions, to coaching to being buddies on and off the field. 

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Futuring to Inclusion

​Investigating and Planning:  We are exploring our options to create community homes for our adults.  Along with housing, we are reviewing and looking at possibilities for more opportunities of – fun & through park adaption, community services, volunteer, and employment.  

Blasting through Barriers to

a Fulfilling life.

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