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Make a Difference 

Join in Activities Play

Help raise money, write grants and build an

Integrative Intergenerational                        Park

   Housing, Employment, and

          create Opportunity. 


Baseball, Bowling, and ?


Community Building Through



A place for older teens and   adults with disabilities

to hang out/ditch the parents for a safe place to interact and be. 


It is worth stating again, we are a team of committed, Waynesboro Area Special Needs Family Network, who bonded in purpose and created the non-profit - BLAST of Waynesboro - Bold, Loving, Affirming, Supportive, Together.

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We want to be the community our kids/adults need:  community homes, services, day program, volunteer positions, and employment. We want them to have the ability to grow old in their community with familiar surroundings, family, friends, groups, faith group, and so much more. 

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Come Join Us!

Volunteer & Work

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